Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Elizabeth's Earring

Or, What to Do When You've Misplaced the Other

Elizabeth Eby, aka Our Lady of the Twigs, sent a photo this morning. She's planted a dream catcher earring among the bromeliads, which would seem to be gilding the lily, as it were, given the already hallucinatory colors of the flowers...but then, why not?

I suggested that she look at the stuff garden/artist Paula Hayes is doing (http://www.paulahayes.com). I tripped across Hayes on the NY Times website a few weeks ago and was particularly fond of her air fern jewelry -- which can be worn or hung in the garden. I've been haphazardly looking for air ferns ever since...they used to be everywhere, weren't they? I'd like to dangle some from a fine gold chain suspended over the pond.

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