Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Waiting for Kismet

During a get the hell out of the house and stop looking at the computer tour of Georgetown the other day, I was smacked in the eye with this set of curtains, displayed in the upstairs windows of the design shop, Random Harvest. 
While at first glance they might appear to have nothing whatever to do with gardens ... look closely and the pattern is a free-fall blizzard of flowers. Like a bride's bouquet untied and on the fly and absolutely gorgoeus with late the afternoon sun streaming through and dappling the table top. 

A charming way to soften a less than charming view.

Designed by Dutch artist Tord Boontje, the 42 x96 inch panels are made of Tyvek, a plasticized and extremely durable paper that can be cut to length with a scissor and simply tacked to a window frame or tied to a rod. Store staffers said that the curtains have been in place for at least two years and still look pristine...and clearly haven't caught fire and burned the place down.

Much as I like Random Harvest and prefer to shop locally, they've got the curtains marked at $165 per panel. A few seconds of research turned them up at in white, lilac or black for $58, including shipping (and that would also mean no tax).


On third thought, I could make some myself....

This is a thought to which my saner self replies, "Yeah, right".

"But!" yelp my resident lunatics, "LOOK WHAT JUST HAPPENED WITH THE CURLY WILLOW!! The very next day after NOT buying it we came across those lovely dogwood branches..."

Thoughtful pause.

And they all join together for a chorus of Kismet.


  1. Want them!!!

    You know what they remind me of? That silver cutout thing you have [had? is it still up there or did it go away?]. You know the one.

    These would be pretty cool in my room down here, if I were to go back to an all-white scheme. Which I'm considering. Hmm.

    Hmmmm? HA. Like I have enough money for fancy paper curtains. Puh.

    ANYWAY, it would make my whole life to see you sitting around, making paper cutout curtains. You'd last like 3.84 minutes and then you'd pour yourself some wine and forget about it.

  2. I've got the wine part together where's my scissor..........


    I've already re-imagined my whole room, which I JUST re-did like 2 weeks ago. All around curtains that I don't have and will not have. At least any time soon.

    But then I started thinking about those sections in fashion magazines where they take a couture outfit and accessories and they try to find affordable substitutes. I always hate those because they're never close enough and always look like what they are -- cheap versions of fabulous things.

    Buuuuuut, Ikea has some pretty window panels that would get the most basic idea and style across, minus the extreme coolness of the actual material.

    or even this...

    (that link should default to the big flowers in beige/gray/white)

    My brain-wheels....they're tuuuurniiiing.)


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