Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lazy Plants

Flowering walls are not the only wonders at the Botanic Garden this summer. There's something ticklish about plants lazing in hammocks at the foot of the U.S. Capitol. Besides the humor, it's a clever way to top the garden...when one is torn, perhaps, between heirloom tomatoes and flowers--and space forbids the inclusion of both

However. The fully loaded weight of these hanging planters must mean the pylons supporting them are anchored in China.

If I was being industrious today, instead of wishing that I was suspended in a hammock (preferably under a  sprinkler with my book saran-wrapped-dry) I would find out what sort of probably-plastic and certainly porous material the gardeners used, how to string them aloft so they don't squash the rutabagas, and how deeply those posts are drilled.

And if I was to nitpick....oh, ok I will....would a dose of primary color on those hammocks have been too difficult? (Or beach stripes? Or polka dots?) Let's re-imagine it in Photoshop--coloring the hammocks and the raw wood posts, gilding with petunias and begonias and tossing in some gargoyle finials, thusly.

Happy now.

Except tassels...tassels...I forgot the tassels....

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