Friday, May 6, 2011

Ugly Gardens Four

The Main Plot
Just how long has this garden (cough) been moldering around the corner? I swear it just materialized.

While a mildly eccentric collection of lights has been roped around a frontal tree for years, the display has never seemed compelling enough for a close inspection.

Just look what I missed!

Behold the bier-shaped tree box with its mysterious alter to the solar gods! Several signs proclaim  allegiance (or advertise someone's line of work).

And the main plot with its planters with suspicious looking greenery and a Christmas ball and miscellaneous statuary and  ... what IS all that stuff? What does this MEAN?

Methinks someone has been doing some serious tripping for a very long time. 

The next door neighbors, with their pretty little garden and so tasteful array of Spring flowers and bulbs, must be right pleased.

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