Thursday, January 24, 2013

Larcenous Thoughts on an Urn

Despite frequently mentioning thievery as the cheapest, most efficient method of obtaining plants and ornaments for the small urban garden, I am not the sort to wander the neighborhood by night uprooting and scavenging peoples possessions. Really I'm not.

Oh, I might snip a bit of a plant here and there, nothing that anyone would notice, just enough to stick in some water or dip in rooting powder. Or I might pick up a twig at a garden center, something they'd otherwise discard, and do the same. But actually pillage?

Bad karma.

HOWEVER. If I was Going to Steal, this urn would be at the top of the list. With a witty interplay of color and texture it has the look of MacKenzie Childs, though I don't think it is. (And if it was, I couldn't afford it. Just look at the photos -- and prices!)

Nor can I think of a way to fake/make it, although I have most of the parts -- a reasonably similar urn, a base that would work, a husband that could be beaten into assembling the thing. My painting talents, however, are decidedly minimal. 

But this urn has taken this porch from charming to I-almost-clipped-someone's-new-Mercedes trying to get a look at it. 

So I shall put it out there into the universe, which is something I keep hearing one needs to do if one whole-heartedly wants something.

 Universe! I'm telling you I really really want this pot!


  1. I love that urn! Do I need to drive up to help you carry it? ;o) It actually looks like it's been assembled from separate parts. Maybe you could find parts already in cool colors/patterns that you could use.

  2. Really pretty --but you could totally make that. Totally. I look forward to the process photos....

  3. I don't like it, Stephanie. I think your life is richer without it. However, if you want it that badly then I shall make a wish for you. I thought I was the only one who swiped bits of other people's ivy as I walked past. Just a few strands mind you.

  4. It looks like something a high school or college art student could copy for a little textbook money.

    I have never stolen, but I have pulled many things out of the neighbors' trash, which used to horrify my teenagers (even better fun).

  5. THAT is a brilliant idea! Thank you.


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