Monday, June 14, 2010

Oh, Clever Me!

This is not how this urn is supposed to look. The plant in the center of the urn is supposed to stand upright and bushy (and covered with pretty little orange flowers but, eh, can't have everything).

So -- Alert! -- actual successful gardening tip coming. But first I will point out that this is supposed to be cleaning day. I had reserved it as such. Two articles were completed and turned in to editors last week and there's a void until tomorrow and a photo session with a house about to go on the market. So yesterday while floating around my pool draped over a hot pink noodle [note: this is only my pool in the sense that I paid a couple of hundred bucks for the prince and  I to belong for the summer] I was getting all energized about Waxing the Floors and Washing the Kitchen Wallpaper.

And then, perversely, this morning arrives and I have zero desire to clean anything. I am, in fact, in full step over the crap on the floor mode.  My blog has been languishing and NOW is the time to do something about it so here I be. Lucky you.

This plant in the urn was the subject of a spring soliloquy on pruning, which i did not do. The result is this leggy thing that just...drips.If it gets hit with rain it goes entirely splat and tangles with the ground cover. This was not the effect I was going for.

Another of my soliloquies, several in fact, had to do with curly willow branches and how this year I intended to plant them in a pot once they'd rooted in water and I was going to have this gorgeous display just like I saw outside a florist's in Old Town last summer. This did not work, possibly because I am not a gay male, which sometimes you absolutely have to be for things to be...just so.

So. I was left with a bunch of curly looking sticks which I liked for their curliness and tossed on the growing heap of stuff I can't throw away that thrives under the back porch. 

And then in one of these frissons that occasionally strike, I found myself holding a curly willow branch while eyeing the urn with the delinquent plant and putting two and two together, I stuck the branch into the pot and coiled the limp and leggy stems around it.

And everything looks all jolly and perky, except for the missing orange flowers, and come to think of it the greenish whitish plant that underlies it is supposed to have purple flowers.... oh well. 

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