Monday, June 14, 2010

Ugly Garden II

Where does one start with this?

Clearly, someone had a thought. A patio? Perhaps a plaza? There's a centerpiece of raised bricks, a surround for a dramatic focal point. In this case an artificial shrub. I cannot tell what material it is -- it's kind of paperish, with a little sheen. But its importance to the tableau is indicated by the brick pedestal on which it sits and underscored by the gaily striped chain that fends off prospective thieves. Slightly northeast of the urn is a gray plastic elephant sitting back on its haunches. It appears to be braying. This is possibly the home of republicans.

I like the pink ball pushed back under the front porch. In design circles this is known as a group of three and provides an imbalanced balance, you see. No?

In one of life's happy little coincidences, the neighbors have installed lush, green carpeting up their front steps. The result being that if you're standing in front of these two house, you just don't know what to look away from first.

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