Thursday, September 9, 2010

Feh It's Fall

I would rather be at the beach. I have had not nearly enough of blue water/white sand this year.

On the other hand. The juxtaposition of railings and white flower vine has been worth waiting for, and as it would have peaked right now (which it has) I would have missed SOMETHING had I gone where I usually go this early part of September to float face down in limpid tropical water going OOO yellow fishie! OOOO blue fishie! And so forth...

There was some concern (mine) early on that this display would have been abruptly curtailed during one of the prince's wild flails with the clippers. We are opposites when it comes to rampent, untamed growth. I can't wait to see where it will lead...he  wants to whack it into submission.

It's true that I often make more work for myself (or him, if I leave it long enough and claim extreme business) when these experiments get out of hand. But aren't they offset by spectacular moments like this?

The foamy flowering begins int he far corner of the yard where the vine has climbed alongside the wisteria to flounce along the top of the fence to the house, where it climbs the whatsit tin thing that drains water from the roof (o senior moment) and then intertwirls the coils of the white iron railing of the little greenhouse off my office in an explosion of white.

There's a mild breeze this morning and the air's a bit cool. Wind chimes sound a soft background carillon and the sun sparkles.

It's Rosh Hasana and I should be in shul. Instead I'm having a private meditation and thanking whomever for  another year for myself and my family. L'Shana Tova.

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