Monday, September 27, 2010

I Want a Whatchamacallit

What is This?
I thought I had this flower figured out.  A patch of them waves in fairy splender along the wrought iron rail surrounding Marvelous Market on Capitol Hill, resembling not real flowers but a vision of them,  perhaps rendered in clay. Like Gumby. The petals are that meaty.

Clay and Resin Necklac
The beauty and frustration of Google is that you can take some whim and compare it to millions upon thousands of possibilities -- words or photos. Which is just what I did here, though I was more successful in finding a flower necklace made of clay than locating the flower I sought. 

The closest Google flower to it is the R. Moyessi Geranium, which is unfortunately a rose; "geranium" refers to its color, I think. See, I could be entirely wrong, since every discussion of the R. Moyessi I came across mentions the "difficulty of identifying" the flower. (If you bought the damn thing, what on earth could be the difficulty in identifying it?)

So this could be it, but that's doubtful. Here is what I know: The leaves of this flower resemble geraniums. Descriptions of the R. Moyessi describe a regular old rose leaf, which is an entirely different thing.

Meanwhile, I add to the confusion since I tagged these photos as R. Moyessi, which means they will exist as such forever in the Google collection and someone will stumble across them and drool "Oooh pretty pretty," and then drive themselves to drink trying to find them.  Forgive me. 

Who to ask? The planter of said plant is long gone, so that's of no use. The shop's proprietor shrugs. What difference does it make anyway, since it's clearly a flower that loves the sun --neck stretched and preening. And sun, as you know, I have not.

And so ends another bit of aimless and ultimately useless musing. I't now 3:17 and I've been warmnig up for work since 9 am.

That flower sure is pretty isn't it?

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  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOOH! I love it. What is it? Figure it out, already.


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