Friday, August 26, 2011

Let There Be Light!

One is sometimes grateful that things around here move at the pace of a mortally wounded snail. Isn't one?

It gives one a chance to be ...creative.   The chandelier that dangles from the back porch ceiling, as example A, was a thrift shop find (with the addition of some glass grapes and various baubles), that was once (rather alarmingly) wired.

As we have no electricity on the porch -- see, we've been waiting for this electrician that does a lot of work at the Capitol to show up. It's been a few years, but I'm told it will be worth it-- I pulled the wiring and stuck votives in the crystal cups. While less convenient than flipping a switch, candles are so much more romantic.

Which leads us to example B.

I've collected numerous little lanterns that are only enhanced by a patina of rust, don't you think? While some might find the addition of rubber grapes in debatable taste, I happen to like them.  This one dangles beneath the cherry tree.
Similarly, I like the bejeweled bird anchoring this one to a branch of the rose of sharon.
This item used to sit on the glass top of the garden table, but is now planted beside the garden path. It seemed too light to break the table top...
...which is now overhung instead with one of the solar lanterns I blathered on about a few posts back. Another lantern is over the fish pond.

This is all very pretty at night, though of course the issue is lighting it all. Wait. Changing the candles. Wait. Buying the candles in the first place.  All of which I am unlikely to do very often, though I do have a vision of myself doing so-- wearing something appropriately drifty and long and white, though I don't happen to possess it just yet, floating along angelically with some taperish thing to light it all.

Instead of flip flops and a bic.

So much work, candles.  But so charming.

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