Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Solar Powered

Solar powered lanterns have hit the hardware store a little sooner than expected. Shortly they'll be hanging everywhere. I suppose that's nice. Lots of little moons lighting little yards. But selfishly, I wanted to have them before they became as common as dirt and on sale for $8.99. Ah well, she who drags her feet...

They're still enchanting, however. I've suspended one from a cherry tree branch that arches over the dining table and a second from the mock orange which droops over the pond.

Still in procrastination mode, but ABOUT TO BEGIN WORK. Unless something happens to distract me...please....


  1. Love the unconventional ways to light a garden, especially when hung from a tree!

  2. Thanks Jordyn -- I first saw them at a birthday party last fall, in various sizes and hung here and there from branches of trees lining the circular driveway -- it was mesmerizing. You can get them through Amazon in various shapes and colors. So much easier than beating one's husband up to install electricity.


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