Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A White Garden on Capitol Hill

The guys that own this house a few blocks from mine are heavily into white flowers. They must have been riddled with questions as they felt the need to hang a note of explanation on the front gate.

This touch of country in the city is wonderfully blousy and particularly cool and calming given this blistering spring and summer.

The flower mix is simple enough: great sprays of white clematis with faces the size of salad plates tumble together with white roses over the black wrought iron fencing, then frolic their way through the border greenery with Dusty Miller providing a silvery accent.

Pots of white impatiens stationed along the walk can be moved here and there to fill in the inevitable gaps left by an August vacation.

There were white peonys in the spring. 

At night, there's a soft glow from the lamp posts along the brick sidewalk and the twinkle of little white lights in the tree beside the front door.



  1. I'm so glad you thought to post about this garden. I only noticed the sign over spring, when I was home.

    I'd love to do this myself, but I think I'd wind up getting fidgety without bursts of color. A metaphor for my WHOLE LIFE.

  2. 1. yes.

    and I agree about the color thing...IN FACT there was something posted on the NY TIMES website a few weeks back about recreating a van goghesque garden in brooklyn and I thought...SUN! Where is my SUN? And I further thought, I could go to michaels and buy bunches of fake flowers and stick them in artful waves among the green stuffs.

    But, as you know, the Mustang is melted and I so require hauling.

  3. To take a page from your Book of Great Suggestions, per the message left by daddy when my car crapped out, you've got a bike! I'm sure it could get you the 20 miles to Michael's.


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