Sunday, August 19, 2012

An Ugly Garden Grows

In other ugly garden news...this work in progress.

Note the inviting patio. From the migraine inducing pattern of the pavers to the sheen of new chain protecting the inviting furnishings ...

To the lively mix of flagstone and white rocks (the French courtyard look?) that I assume will checkerboard the entire side yard when it's completed -- a process that has been underway since spring, by the way. It takes time to realize such a vision. 

Does this picture not shout, Come sit a spell? 

At least there are no railroad ties involved. Yet.


  1. Just the fact that the chairs are chained to the table makes me want to rent a truck and throw the whole lot in. But I'd leave behind another dead plant as penance so all would be well.

  2. Oh my god, is that the corner house that does the spiders for Halloween? What are they DOING? This makes the white rock garden look like a designer job.

  3. Baby -- no no, the spider house has a perfectly nice rock garden with a little floral display around what appears to be a reclaimed tombstone. Perfectly tasteful. This garden is on Independence Avenue. If you ever come home again I shall take you for a tour.

  4. Oh, I think I know where this is. It seems Independence [and its various corner offshoots] has quite a collection of ugly gardens these days.


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