Saturday, January 21, 2012

Creating a Vertically Challenged Vertical Garden

Sometimes being married to a contractor beats being married to a plastic surgeon. This is one of them. Show me a contractor and I'll show you an empty bucket of drywall mud.  And with that empty bucket of drywall mud you can have this!

While this might not be as attractive as this (at least to begin with):

Vertical Wall. Not Mine.

Just imagine the buckets are wrapped in leopard duct tape or checkerboard contact paper until the greens get going. And they're free (IF you're married to a contractor and he is not using them for his nail collection). Why, this guy says, in one little bucket you can grow 42 plants around the edge and on the top.

For instance:

potatoes (these you can somehow dig into the center)
never mind petunias

It's a garden in a barrel

And they're stackable!

Another benefit to being married to a contractor, where one normally curses the slowness--the atrophy-- of proposed improvements and repairs, is that one can take the casters that fell off the sofa in 1996 and stick them on the fancy air conditioning grill that has been leaning against the wall since 2007. Then you can plop your bucket on top and amuse yourself (here I am, of course, referring to myself) all summer long rolling these babies around to catch whatever crumbs of sunlight dapple the shade. 

(Thank you to Diana McLellan for passing this video along)

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