Saturday, April 3, 2010

Alpha and Omega Pay a Visit

The Plant Room/Conservatory/Greenhouse/WhatHaveYou....has a new name this week, The Aviary. Alpha and Omega, a pair of parakeets have spent Spring break here -- as their family has winged south to frolic with the manatees and such. The near ceaseless chatter is a welcome distraction from whatever else I'm supposed to be doing at my desk -- If they weren't so damn filthy, I'd get me my own pair.


  1. Yes, the bottom-line on parakeets or parrots is that when they fly they....bottom out!

  2. Look how happy they were! They are missing their auntie terribly...

  3. Oh - I would love to have a pair...or some doves (love the cooing) but they are SUCH a pain to clean up after. Did you buy a cage or just find one by the curb? :)


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