Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Do not dwell on this picture, just glance by it. Imagine wandering down a little side street and coming upon this pocket garden glittering its fool head off in the sunshine, thanks to strewn Christmas balls in what-have-you colors that might have dropped from the sky in a recent rain, all higgledy piggledy plop.

It's just happy. And, we might add, cheap.

Consider a little later on in the summer when whatever you've bought and planted, that thing that was certain to bloom, instead fizzled in the heat while you were off sailing with Cucumber and Desmond and you can't plant a damn thing because of the heat wave (nevermind that there's scarcely anything left at the garden center). That's when you crawl up into the attic and dig around for the box helpfully marked Xmas Balls and dig about for the glitteriest specimans and cart them off to fill that bare patch.

Happy. Cheap. Done. Drink time!  

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