Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ugly Garden # 1: An Occasional Special Feature

I've selected this as my first ugly garden for no reason other than I was standing on the corner of 10th and Pennsylvania Avenue, SE this morning, waiting for Maggie to grab her camera so we could go look at the virtual apple blossom festival that was happening in the middle of the street.

And as I was standing there I realized that my eyeballs were being assulted with a dirt patch that obviously, at some point, had been attended to and at some point later was not.

Notice the sad red tulip standing singularly in the far left corner. Follow the flagstone walk to where the daffodils, their foliage mingling with some valiant weeds,  have given up blooming. If you've ever raised daffodils you know that's nearly as impossible as eradicating dandilions (though why you'd want to eradicate the latter, I don't know. Cheery harbingers of Spring I say! And then they turn to that fuzzy fairy fluff that you make a wish and blow on. Wow. I suddenly realize, even dandilions don't want to live here).

And that white box thing hovering in the foreground sure is...white. Well dirty white. Such a tastefully subdued shade of white. Yes?

Meanwhile, the black rope coiling snakelike around the border appears to be a vestigial watering system. At least I hope it is. Turn it on and you'd be happy as a pig in shiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

There are lights installed should you wish to have a clear view at night.

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  1. Happily our front-garden 'bit' is covered with ivy - so the ugliness we would otherwise be sporting is not going to be nailed in this occasional feature!


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