Tuesday, April 20, 2010

There's a Signpost Up Ahead...

Now this is exciting. It's some kind of viney thing embracing a signpost emblazoned with gawdawful No Parking and this and that signs and it's apparently being trained to weep -- twisting up the sign-stem and unfurling into a fine umbrella of a ....thing.

Last year this very same sign post was draped in morning glory, which was pretty damn glorious and I immediately swore to emulate this bit of genius as soon as the heavenly wheel returned to Spring.

Which it now has.

So last week I got me some morning glory seed, these pretty cool royal purple bordered in white numbers. I expect this will look quite flirty on the signposts that flank the alley that runs alongside our house; playing off our deeply purple front door.

Since morning glories only occupy that much of the day, for delirium in the twilight zone I got some moonflowers, which are --as would be expected -- white. If you've never whiffed a moonflower you're missing something. They're honeyed like jasmine but without the undercurrent of decay that (depending on your age, health, and the side of the bed you got out on) can be a bit unsettling. 

I soaked the seeds, as was suggested (though I promptly forgot they were soaking and there is this outside chance they might just...rot) and poked them directly into the ground.

Now we wait and hope that if they do emerge the prince doesn't determine that they're weeds and pull them.

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