Tuesday, April 6, 2010

In an Apple Blossom Daze

The morning that Monica was born--just about 26 years ago--the pink magnolias were running riot in the Pennsylvania Avenue median strip. It was a most glorious day.

Not many years later the magnolias were fallen, axed down in full bloom, and the community ran riot in protest as I watched from my second floor office window. It was as if every first born child was slain, the wailing, the rending of garments...

As usual this was from lack of attention. Almost every magnolia was ailing and the few that were well enough were being removed to the arboretum. This everyone would have known, should have known, had they just read...

What I wrote.

But nah. As Usual.

So I skipped me downstairs and gathered arms-full of flowers, velvety deep pink fading to near white. And stuffed every possible container and sat drunk with their final flowering. 

I didn't think I'd still be here to see the crab apples mature. The variety, I forget the name, was selected for its drought resistance and heat tolerance. The median strip runs directly over Metro, which super-heats the soil above and contributed to the death dance of the magnolias. 

It is now the most joyous of Spring walks, running nearly the entire length of the Capitol Hill leg of the avenue and culminating at the end of each block with our priceless view.

Someday, no doubt, we'll be able to capture scent as well as vision with our cameras. Until then, you'll have to imagine sticking your nose in a hot-pot of honey as you view the little video.

Video watching note: Turn sound off before viewing, unless you like traffic noise. And no I was NOT dancing to Lady Gaga as I was filming...I just kinda bounce along. 

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